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From $170/Night
Coral Cottage MCA#832

Coral Cottage MCA#832-Perfect for families with kids. Close to town and beach

From $181/Night
Owl's Nest MCA#50609

Owl's Nest-Perfect small family getaway, Firepit, Air hockey, Dogs ok, BBQ

From $185/Night
Blue Pearl MCA#278

Blue Pearl MCA#278-Perfect couples retreat. Dogs welcome, 4 blocks to beach

From $193/Night
Salish #685AB-GF

Salish MCA#658AB-GF-Ocean Front 2 bedroom Condo with stunning Ocean views.

From $194/Night
Yellow Abode MCA#801

Yellow Abode MCA#801-perfect small family home. Dogs OK. 2 blocks to beach

From $198/Night
Treasure Paradise MCA#522

Treasure Paradise MCA#522-Only 1 1/2 blocks to the beach. Close to everything

From $200/Night
Sea Dream MCA#398

Sea Dream MCA#398 Hot tub, Dogs welcome, golf course view, 4 blocks to beach

From $205/Night
Barefeet Retreat

Barefeet Retreat-large decks with fire table, dogs Ok, 2 1/2 blocks to beach

From $225/Night
Sand Bucket

Sand Bucket-Manzanita. Fabulous family beach house dogs ok, close to beach

From $231/Night
Tranquil Treasure MCA#644

Tranquil Treasure MCA#644 Oceanview, Steps to beach, Perfect Couples getaway

From $244/Night
Bella Mar

Bella Mar- Beautiful 4 bdrm home, Hot tub, Dogs Ok, 2 blocks to beach.

From $265/Night
Classic Cottage-MCA #1548

Classic Cottage MCA#1548 Spacious 4 bdrm close to town/beach, Foosball, Dogs

From $278/Night
Sea Shell MCA #50605

Sea Shell-Hot tub, dogs OK, Gas Fireplace, Outdoor firetable, Gas BBQ, fenced

From $284/Night
Neahkahnie MCA#685AB-GF

Neah kah nie MCA#685AB-GF-Ocean Front 3bdrm Condo with stunning views.

From $284/Night
Sand Dollar House MCA#50380

Sand Dollar House MCA#50380- 4 blk to beach, golf course view, Fireplace

From $290/Night
Red Door MCA#50500

Red Door MCA#50500-Gorgeous newly built luxury home, with 3 King beds, 3 bath

From $309/Night
Sea Esta MCA#465

Sea Esta MCA#465-Perfect family home w/ping pong/foosball/dogs ok-4bd/3.5 bth

From $311/Night
Captain's Hideaway

Captain's Hideaway-Relax in this Lodge like home nestled in the trees.

From $317/Night
Haven MCA#462

Haven MCA#462 Gorgeous family home, dog Ok, ping pong, air hockey, foosball

From $331/Night
Salt Aire

Salt Aire, Manzanita Or. Hot tub, Air Hockey, Fire pit, 1 Dog Ok

From $341/Night
Treehouse MCA#414

Tree House MCA#414- Across the street from beach, 4 bdrm, Ocean View, dogs ok

From $337/Night
Treasure Hideaway

Treasure Hideaway-Manzanita Or., Stunning Ocean views-Low Introductory Rates!

From $366/Night
Ocean Front Getaway MCA#1236

Oceanfront Getaway MCA#1236-Gorgeous duplex home right on the beach. DOGS ok.

From $364/Night
Above the Beach MCA#652A

Above the Beach-MCA#652A Condo with Spectacular Ocean and Mountain views

From $388/Night
Sea-ing Clearly-MCA#876

Sea-ing Clearly MCA#876-Oceanfront Lower Condo unit, amazing views, dogs ok.

From $406/Night
The View House

View House-Breathtaking Ocean views, 2 master suites, 3.5 baths.

From $556/Night
Aria MCA#369

Aria MCA#369- Stunning Oceanfront Luxury home with private Cabana Studio.

From $447/Night
The Cachalot MCA#4046

The Cachalot MCA# 4046- Oceanview, 1/4 block to beach, Dogs OK, Game room

From $470/Night
Ocean's Doorstep MCA#1121

Ocean's Doorstep MCA#1121-Spectacular view, oceanfront, dog's ok, hot tub

From $470/Night
Water's Edge-MCA#1427

Water's Edge MCA#1427 Lodge-like Oceanfront home, stone fireplace, dogs ok.

From $561/Night
Ocean Breeze-MCA #1374

Ocean Breeze MCA#1374-Luxury Oceanfront, hot tub, 5 bdrm, gourmet kitchen

From $546/Night
Sea La Vie MCA#1020

Sea LaVie MCA#1020-Oceanview, dogs ok, Gas BBQ, Firepit, 4 bdrm., fenced yard

From $732/Night
Amazing Ocean View MCA#448

Amazing Ocean Views MCA#448 -5 bedrooms/3 baths, Dogs ok, 1 blk to beach

From $117/Night
Lil Love Shack

Lil Love Shack- Adorable beach house just 1 & 1/2 blocks to beach, Dog ok

From $158/Night
Sea Squirrel MCA#1228

Sea Squirrel-MCA#1228-Perfect romantic beach retreat nestled in the trees.

From $186/Night
Garten Haus MCA#762A

Garten Haus MCA#762A-2 1/2 blocks to beach, firepit, close to everything.

From $194/Night
Valentine's House MCA#525

Valentine's House MCA#525 Cozy Duplex 1 block to the beach, fireplace

From $209/Night
Spyglass Inn MCA #629

Spyglass Inn MCA#629-Perfect couples retreat, large deck, wood fireplace.

From $205/Night
Becalmed MCA#1653

Becalmed MCA#1653-Fenced yard, 1/4 block to beach, dogs ok, Gas Fireplace

From $215/Night
Stargazer MCA#251

Stargazer-1/2 blk to the beach and golf course, ocean view from deck MCA#251

From $237/Night
Hummingbird Cottage-MCA #785B

Hummingbird Cottage MCA#785B-Fenced Yard, firepit, dogs ok, 2 blks. to beach.

From $342/Night
Secret Garden MCA#1504

Secret Garden MCA#1504-Hot tub, sauna, garden courtyard, 2 blocks to beach.

From $490/Night
Sanctuary in the Shire-MCA# 785 A-B

Sanctuary in the Shire MCA785 A-B-2 homes for Family Reunion, BBQ, Dogs Ok.

From $149/Night
Beach Bungalow

Beach Bungalow-Manzanita, Ocean View, perfect small family getaway. Dogs ok

From $311/Night
Second Wind MCA#187

Second Wind MCA#187Hot tub,1/4 block to beach access, Dogs OK, Gas Fireplace

From $418/Night
Maison De La Lune

Maison De La Lune-Spectacular Oceanviews, dogs Ok , Firepit, Fenced yard

From $201/Night
Blue Heaven MCA#812

Blue Heaven MCA#812-close to downtown Manzanita and the beach, dogs welcome

From $169/Night
Heart of Manzanita-MCA#4032

Heart of Manzanita MCA#4032-Dogs OK, fenced yard, Outdoor firepit

From $315/Night
Starlight Hideaway MCA#1358

Starlight Hideaway-4 bedroom, hot tub, dogs ok, large deck MCA#1358

From $316/Night
Sandpiper House-Manzanita Or

Sandpiper House-Manzanita 4 bdrm, dogs ok, 2 blks to beach, foosball, firepit

From $489/Night
Sitka House MCA#1354

SITKA HOUSE MCA1354-Across from beach, Hot tub, 5 bdrm/3bth,oceanview,dogs ok

From $280/Night
Osprey Nest MCA #785A

Osprey Nest MCA#785A Classic beach home, dogs OK, 2 blk. to beach & downtown.